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Probing Questions & Answers

  • "Did you realize you may be sitting on an untapped gold mine?" – Charlene can quickly help the team tap into those resources!
  • Services-Page-1"Is your practice declining?" – Charlene pinpoints the problem areas and develops a plan for success!
  • "Do you wake up at night wondering why that new patient did not start?" – Charlene identifies barriers to converting exams into production!
  • "People make buying decisions based on how they FEEL. Does your office atmosphere exude enthusiasm?" – Charlene will identify areas to create a more enthusiastic and inviting atmosphere!
  • "Do you feel like you are working harder and making less?" – Charlene immediately helps orthodontists identify potential profit sources on their P&L!
  • "Have you invested thousands in a software program, yet don't know how to use it?" – Charlene is skilled at utilizing the vast majority of software programs!


Your very best investment is in your practice!

Actual Statistical Results

Charlene has consulted and lectured in 46 states as well as Japan, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Seeing doctors and staff reach their goals is our greatest reward. We have been able to facilitate the following for 700 orthodontic practices across North America:

  1. Services-Page-260% overhead to 50% overhead
  2. Improved salary and benefit packages for staff through more efficient systems
  3. Reduced clinical emergencies
  4. Greatly improved patient flow
  5. Increased new patient numbers
  6. 5 - 20% increases in case acceptance
  7. Happier staff and improved longevity
  8. Doctors wanting to continue their career because they enjoy it
  9. "Quality of life improvements that you can't put a price tag on!"

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