In-Office Consultation Services

Benefits of a Consultation with Charlene

  • Work with Charlene one-on-one
  • Consulting-Services-photo-1Ignite your practice potential
  • Attract more new patients
  • Convert 10-30% more recalls and exams to starts
  • Execute a strategic marketing plan
  • Template to possibly double your daily production
  • Empower individuals on the team to succeed
  • Accelerate your profits through budget controls
  • Tap into untapped resources
  • Create a happy team who is working together

In-Office Consultation with Charlene

  • Reserve a consultation date personally with Charlene
  • Tues/Wed or Wed/Thurs is the normal schedule. Review our Consultation Inquiry Package for more details.
  • Your pre-consultation planning package will be downloaded off Charlene's website through your client login.
  • Consulting-Services-photo-2After evaluating the entire practice, Charlene tailors her recommendations to meet the client's specific needs. For example, she designs the scheduling template exclusively for your office. Many doctors report that implementing the recommendations is easy because they fit for them and their team.
  • Charlene is very knowledgeable of the various practice management software programs. She will help you use yours as a management tool.
  • Many clients choose to enter Charlene's Off-Site Management Program at this point, which has proven to be an excellent return on investment.

Ignite your practice potential! Let Charlene’s articles and handouts show you how she can help you reach your practice goals.

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