Off-Site Management Program

  • Charlene will meet via Skype or phone once a month for 50 minutes with the doctor and/or designated team members.
  • Five days prior to the meeting, the previous month’s practice information will be sent to Charlene.
  • Charlene will analyze all data and make recommendations to facilitate creating a “Peak Performance Practice.”
  • Any support materials needed, will be emailed.
    Example: job descriptions, scripting, etc.
  • The areas of focus will be determined after Charlene speaks with the doctor(s). For example:
    • Staff Management
    • Marketing Plan
    • Practice Statistics
    • Case Acceptance
    • Overhead Control
    • Staff Accountability
    • Appointment Book Control
    • Answering Doctor and Staff Questions

The investment for Charlene White’s “Off-Site Management Program” is $6,900 per year. The monthly fee of $575 will be auto drafted on a major credit card or you may pay in full by check and receive a 5% discount.

Charlene’s clients rave about this program. The program has proven to be beneficial in terms of production and efficiency. It reduces the stress level for the doctor, knowing that Charlene is overseeing the systems and proactively addressing the issues. She also brings a national perspective to the plate. Whether it is a project or a problem, Charlene helps the doctor and the team to take action that gets results.

A written synopsis of the meeting will be emailed to the doctor after each meeting.

  • Due to Charlene’s travel schedule, most monthly meetings will be scheduled on Monday or Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.
  • Payment options include payment in full by check or 12 monthly auto payments on a credit card

"Charlene has been extremely helpful to our practice for many years. She has helped the practice run properly, has allowed us to triple our revenues while working with her, and has helped the staff work better together and have far less conflict. Everyone is more satisfied with what we do on a daily basis - patients, our team members and our doctors. When I joined my Dad's practice, we didn't know if we would have enough work for two orthodontists. Charlene has guided us through strong but controlled growth. She has helped us put systems in place that continue to work well years later. We continue to have Charlene help us with monthly coaching and offsite practice management for issues that come up. Two years ago I was going to hire another team member. She reworked our job duties and saved me a full staff salary. I can't say enough good things about Charlene. Team members respond very well to her. She has direct and fair communication that all personality types respond well to. I could go on.. but you can see how I feel. In retirement someday my quality of life will be directly related to the help Charlene has given us." ~Dr. Rick Risinger

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“After the evaluation, I elected to hire her as my off-site office manager. The team was completely on board and over the course of the past two years; it has been fantastic for both the staff and for me. I have a better handle on systems, overhead, the staff is happier than ever, and they all know what their duties are.” - Dr. David Paquette