Charlene's Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

1975 – 1980          Registered Dental Hygienist & Office Manager
                                 Norfolk, VA
                                 Dr. Bill Tuggle’s Private Practice

1980-1983             Dental Consultants
                                Virginia Beach, VA

1983 – Present    President & Owner of Progressive Concepts
                                 Current Virginia Beach, VA
                                 Orthodontic Consulting Firm


Norview High School
Norfolk, VA
High School

Graduated 13th in class of 630 as an Honor Student Member of Honor Society

Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA
1975 B.S. Degree in Hygiene, Cum Laude


1987          Speaker, “Adventures in Attitudes” for AAO Annual Meeting
1989          Speaker, “How to Attract More New Patients to the Orthodontic Practice” for AAO Annual Meeting
1991          Speaker, “You Never Have A Second Chance to Make A Good First Impression” for AAO Annual Meeting
1992          Speaker, “How to Attract More New Patients to Your Office” for AAO Annual Meeting 1992
02/1994     Speaker, OMS, Atlanta, GA
02/1994     Speaker, “The Role of the New Patient Coordinator” for Summit 2000, Vail, CO
04/1994     Speaker, AAO, Orlando, FL
05/1994     Speaker, Irish Orthodontists, Dublin, Ireland 05/1994 Speaker, Summit 2000, London, England
06/1994     Speaker, “10 Steps to Long Term Success” for Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA
07/1994     Speaker, “Orthodontic Practice Management” for “A” Company, San Diego, CA
11/1994     Speaker, UNITEK, Palm Springs, CA
11/1994     Speaker, “Creating a Happy Office” for SAO, Charleston, SC
11/1994     Speaker, “Interoffice Communication: More Fun, Less Stress” for PCSA, Palm Springs, CA
01/1995     Speaker, ORMCO: The Gorman Institute, Palm Springs, CA 03/1995 Speaker, “How to Take Your Case Acceptance to the Top” for OMS,
Atlanta, GA
03/1995     Speaker, “Step by Step Solutions to Creating a Happy & Productive Team” for “A” Company, Dallas, TX
04/1995     Speaker, “Step by Step Solutions to Creating a Happy & Productive Team” for “A” Company, Boise, ID
04/1995     Speaker, “Step by Step Solutions to Creating a Happy & Productive Team” for “A” Company, New Orleans, LA
05/1995     Speaker, AAO, San Francisco, CA 09/1995 Speaker, SAO, Atlanta, GA
10/1995     Speaker, MSO/SWSO, Kansas City, MO 10/1995 Speaker, GLAO, Toronto, Canada
1996          Speaker, RMSO
03/1996     Speaker, TP Japan, Osaka and Tokyo Japan 05/1996 Speaker, AAO National Meeting, Denver, CO
08/1996     Speaker, Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program Graduation
09/1996     Speaker, “Creating a Happy Office” for Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists, ID
09/1996     Speaker, “A” Company, Philadelphia, PA
10/1996     Speaker, Canadian Association of Orthodontists, Toronto, Canada
10/1996     Speaker, NYU Alumni, hosted by “A” Company, New York, NY
11/1996     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Kentucky State Association of Orthodontists, Louisville, KY
03/1997     Speaker, “Tips on OMS as a Management Tool” for OMS, Atlanta, GA
04/1997     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Tidewater Society of Orthodontists, Norfolk, VA
05/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for AAO National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
06/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Dr. Morita’s Study Club, Aiea, HI
07/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Dr. Mizell’s Study Club, Houston, TX
09/1997     Speaker, “NPC” for Super Schulman Group, Chicago, IL
09/1997     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Cleveland Association of Orthodontists, Cleveland, OH
09/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Quebec Society of Orthodontists, Montreal, Canada
10/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Greely Nista Study Group, Wilmington, DE
11/1997     Speaker, “Scheduling for Success” for Southern Association of Orthodontists (SAO), San Marco, FL
12/1997     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Arizona State Orthodontic Association, Tempe, AZ
1998          Speaker, SAO
01/1998     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Columbia Orthodontic Alumni, New York, NY
01/1998     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Illinois Society of Orthodontists, Oak Brook Terrace, IL
04/1998     Speaker, “5 Steps to Creating a Happy Harmonious Team” for Oregon State Society of Orthodontists, Portland, OR
05/1998     Speaker, “The Financial Coordinator” for AAO National Meeting, Dallas, TX
09/1998     Speaker, “New Patient Coordinator, Level II Workshop” for Super Schulman Group, Chicago, IL
10/1998     Speaker, “Ten Tips for Future Success” for Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists and Mid Atlantic Society of Orthodontists, Bermuda
1998          Speaker, MASO
1998          Speaker, The Illinois Society of Orthodontists 1999 Speaker, OMS
2000          Speaker, Illinois State Ortho Association 2000 Speaker, GAO
2001          Speaker, Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists 2004 Speaker, Baylor Alumni Meeting
2005          Speaker, Australian Study Club
2005          Speaker, NESO
2005          Speaker, Kodak User’s Meeting
2005          Speaker, Western Society
2005          Speaker, Western Pennsylvania Society of Orthodontists 2006 Speaker, OAIDT
2006          Speaker, Kodak User’s Meeting
2006          Speaker, AAO
2007          Speaker, NCOA
03/07         Speaker, PracticeWorks User’s Meeting, Atlanta, GA 01/08 Speaker, Rocky Mountain Dental Convention 03/2008     Speaker, PracticeWorks User’s Meeting, Atlanta, GA
04/2008     Speaker, Sociedad de Especialistas en Ortodoncia de PR, Puerto Rico
05/2008     Speaker, “Team Power” and “A Cutting Edge Approach to Intra-Office Communication” for AAO in Denver, CO
05/2008     Speaker, “Team Power” and “Peak Performance” for Michigan Association of Orthodontists in Lansing, MI
02/2009     Speaker, “10 Ways to Get People to Like You in 90 Seconds” for the 2009 Ortho User’s Group Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ
03/2009     Speaker, “DICEE” for the 2009 Dolphin Meeting in New Orleans, LA
03/2009     Speaker, “Peak Performance” for Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation (OERF) in St. Lois, MO
03/2009     Speaker, “How to Use OrthoTrac as a Management Tool” for the Kodak User’s Meeting in Atlanta, GA
05/2009      AAO Boston in Boston, MA 05/2009 South Florida Academy
06/2010     Speaker, Alabama Ortho Association, Ono Island, AL
09/2010     Speaker, GLAO/MASO Meeting, Palm Beach, FL
11/2010     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Las Vegas, NV
12/2010     Peak Performance Seminar, New York City, NY
03/2011     Speaker, Dolphin Meeting, Atlanta, GA
03/2011     Speaker, OrthoTrac/Kodak Meeting, Atlanta, GA
05/2011     Speaker, AAO Meeting, Chicago, IL
07/2011     Speaker, GORP, St. Louis, MO
08/2011     Speaker, KSOS, Lexington, KY
09/2011     Speaker, PCSO, Vancouver, BC, Canada
10/2011     Speaker, SWSO, Houston, TX
10/2011     Speaker, OrthoVoice, Las Vegas, NV
11/2011     Speaker, NESO, Boston, MA
01/2012     Speaker, Damon Forum, Phoenix, AZ
01/2012     Speaker, Gorman Symposium, Las Vegas, NV
02/2012     Speaker, TOPS, New Orleans, LA
03/2012     Key Note Speaker, Dolphin Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA
03/2012     Speaker, Orthotrac, Atlanta, GA
03/2012     Speaker, Northern Virginia Study Club, Fairfax, VA
04/2012     Speaker, Virginia Association of Orthodontists, Williamsburg, VA
06/2012     Speaker, Alabama Dental Association, Gulf Shores, AL
11/2012     Speaker, NESO, New York City, NY
2012          Speaker, Align TC Training Courses (10 cities)
01/2013     Speaker, Minnesota Association of Orthodontists, Minneapolis, MN
02/2013     Speaker, Damon Forum, Orlando, FL
03/2013     Speaker, Dolphin Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ
03/2013     Speaker, Carestream User Meeting, Atlanta, GA
04/2013     Speaker, Align Seminar, Williamsburg, VA
05/2013     Speaker, Align Seminar, Charlotte, NC
06/2013     Speaker, Align Seminar, Pinehurst, VA
07/2013     Speaker, GORP, Chapel Hill, NC
09/2013     Speaker, OrthoVoice, Las Vegas, NV
09/2013     Speaker, Align Seminar, Baltimore, MD
10/2013     Align Seminar, Livonia, MI
12/2013     Peak Performance Seminar, New York City, NY
01/2014     Speaker, ABO Winter Meeting, Charleston, SC
02/2014     Speaker, Cloud 9 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
03/2014     Speaker, Carestream Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
04/2014     Speaker, Align Seminar, Phoenix, AZ
04/2014     Speaker, AAO Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
05/2014     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Charlotte, NC
02/2015     Speaker, AAO Winter Meeting, Miami, FL
02/2015     Speaker, Invisalign Meeting, Orlando, FL
03/2015     Speaker, Cloud 9 Meeting, Atlanta, GA
03/2015     Speaker, Ortho Trac Meeting,
03/2015     Speaker, MAO Meeting, Detroit, MI
04/2015     Speaker, NJAO Meeting,
04/2015     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Charlotte, NC
07/2015     Speaker, HSO Meeting, San Diego, CA
09/2015     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Norfolk, VA
09/2015     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Las Vegas, NV
10/2015     Speaker, SAO Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
11/2015     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, New York, NY
12/2015     Peak Performance Workshop, New York, NY
03/2016     Speaker, Cloud 9, Atlanta, GA
03/2016     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, San Antonio, TX
05/2016     Speaker, AAO Meeting, Orlando, FL
05/2016     Peak Performance Workshop, Atlanta, GA
06/2016     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Virginia Beach, VA
09/2016     Speaker, Schulman TC Meeting, Charlotte, NC
09/2016     Speaker, Ortho Voice, Las Vegas, NV
0/2016     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Atlanta, GA
10/2016     New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Workshop, Norfolk, VA


01/1985     “You Never Have a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression” listed in the JCO, Volume: 19, Number:1, Page: 62
08/1985     “Safeguarding Against Collection Problems” listed in the JCO, Volume: 19, Number: 8, Page: 594
04/1986     “Building a Practice Over the Telephone” listed in the JCO, Volume: 20, Number: 4, Page: 269
12/1989     “How to Fine – Tune Your Hiring Process” listed in the JCO, Volume: 23, Number: 12, Page: 798
04/1992     “Potential Patients Are in Your Office” listed in the JCO, Volume: 26, Number: 4, Page: 236
01/1993     “Ten Tips for Improving Your Case Acceptance Ratio” listed in the JCO, Volume: 27, Number: 1, Page: 34
04/1994     “Converting Observation Recalls to New Starts” listed in the JCO, Volume: 28, Number: 4, Page: 212
10/1995     “Win – Win Staff Compensation” listed in the JCO, Volume: 29, Number: 9, Page: 577
01/1996     “Flexible Financing: A Paradigm Shift” listed in the JCO, Volume 30: Number 1: Page 28
10/1999     “Today’s Top Challenge for Orthodontists, Part 1” listed in Management
& Marketing, Volume 33: Number 9: Page 505
01/2000     “Examination Rooms” listed in Orthodontic Office Design, Volume 34: Number 1: Page 15
04/2006     “You Get Who You Pay For” listed in
08/2006     “Consultants in the Orthodontic Practice: A Young Orthodontist’s Perspective” listed in the AAO, Volume 1, Issue 3, Page 1
10/2006     “Questions to Ask if you want to Rejuvenate Your Practice” listed in
Benston Clark reSource
04/2007     “Bonuses Versus Raises” listed in
07/2007     "Are You Controlling Your Inventory or Is It Controlling You?" for Orthodontic Products
06/2008     “How to Quit Blaming the Receptionist for a Faulty Schedule,” for Ortho II Magazine
04/2009     “Empowering Patient Communication,” for Tradition and Vision
01/2010     “Building a Peak Performance Practice” for Orthotown
08/2010     “The Key Elements of a Quality Orthodontic Practice” for NTO
06/2011     “Safeguards Against Embezzlement” for SAO
04/2012     “Evolution of a Peak Performance Practice,” for OrthoTown
01/2013     “Activate Practice Pro-Action versus Panic Reaction” for The Wave
05/2013     “From Mom’s Point of View” OrthoTown
06/2014     “Team Power for the Orthodontic Team: Benefits of Having a Happy and Harmonious Team
10/2014     “15 Key Points to Improve Your New Case Acceptance” for The Progressive Orthodontist
05/2015     “How Much Do Braces Cost?” for Orthodontic Communications
7/2015       “Bringing Patients BACK Into Observation,” CEOrtho Study Club
3/2016       “How to Manage Overhead Percentages in the Orthodontic Practice,” Orthotown
6/2016       “Proactive Implementation – Key Steps to System Success,” The Progressive Orthodontist
7/2016       “Sweat Equity, High Returns,” CEOrtho Study Club
11/2016     “How to Avoid Financial Pitfalls of Purchasing a Practice,” Orthotown
1/2017       “Practice Management Software – Is it Time to Make a Change,” Orthotown


2000 – 2006         AAOF Lay Director
2011 – Present     Smiles for a Lifetime Board Member

Extracurricular Interests and Activities

I love to golf. My handicap fluctuates from 12 – 16.
Traveling. When Dennis and I travel, we enjoy visiting art and home museums.
I love art and collecting art.
I enjoy watching football and golf events. I am a “Redskins” fan.