Client Testimonials

"My husband and I just wanted to thank you for all your effort in providing a fantastic seminar packed with useful and practical information. We attended the Peak Performance seminar last week in New York and are now motivated to put the information we learned to work for 2014! I ordered the Progressive Concepts marketing workbook and it arrived on Thursday. Needless to say, Friday morning my staff was so excited and their brain storming ideas are overflowing! Thank you for providing us with the direction and tools that we need to help us achieve our goals." ~ Dr. Ileana Cavanagh

Stoll-Orthodontics-Testimonial-Group"Charlene’s Off-Site Management Program has been invaluable for my practice, as well as her in-office visit to my practice 2 years ago. She has provided me with an incredible about of information for every aspect of my practice; from Staff Management, to Scheduling Efficiencies, to New Patient Consultation coaching and Marketing. Charlene really helped me to better understand how to measure my practice by using and integrating the Gaidge and Ortho Trac statistics parameters. She is by far the best comprehensive orthodontic consultant that I have ever had for my practice and I would highly recommend her in-office orthodontic consulting as well as her Off-Site Management Program. She is a true joy to work with and I have valued her coaching and insights immensely! "

Dr. Greg Stoll, Stoll Orthodontics
Deanna Brooks, Treatment Coordinator
Jackie Choury, Treatment Coordinator

"This is my first convention, so I did not know what to expect; however, I am honored that I had the opportunity to be a part of this course. It was very informative and Charlene’s knowledge is extremely impressive. I am motivated, anxious, and encouraged to bring new ideas that were shared back to the practice to increase staff involvement, patient/parent excitement, and opportunities for community involvement. I, now, feel empowered that I can go above and beyond to contribute to the practice’s success! This course was a true blessing! Loved it!”
~ Ashley Chandler, Watertown, CT

“Loved the ‘pass the mic’ on marketing! Such a beautiful venue and well organized event. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop – not just a lecture. I learned so many great tips! Thank you!”
~ Rachel Wolfenbarger, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

"Loved it! Very excited to go and share our new excitement with our doctors and team and start new game plans for future growth.”
~ Renee Pass, Gainesville, GA

“Really enjoyed! Very informative and looking forward to implementing in our practice. Wish all of our staff and our doctors could have participated.”
~ Delaine Gee, Gainesville, GA

"I enjoyed the seminar, tremendously. The venue was beautiful. I am taking a lot of information and ideas back with me. Hopefully, we will be able to implement some things that will help with case acceptance and marketing.”
~ Debbie Reber

"This was such a great experience. It was so insightful to hear the experiences and different ideas that came from this great group of ladies.”
~ Jen Schmidt, Eastchester, NY

"Enjoyed your seminar for TC and Marketing. A lot of great information was given. I’ve only been a treatment coordinator for a year. I will take this information to help me grow. Thank you!”
~ Linda Moreno, Los Alamitos, CA

"This seminar has been one of the best I have attended. The format and materials are above par. I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable information. I am excited to get home and start implementing the wonderful marketing ideas.”
~ Dawn Trujillo, Hood River, OR 

"I learned a lot! I’ve only been a treatment coordinator for two months (assistant for 18 years) and I’m still learning the job but this has given me clarity on a lot of the job! The information made me pumped up to go back and do a great job. I enjoyed listening to Charlene and the atmosphere and city are beautiful!! Thank you!”
~ Jackie Heemstra, Hood River, OR

"Great information! Love the book. We are keeping one for office as a staple! Always exciting to get fresh ideas and meet others who are in the same field! Well done and I loved it!”
~ Martha Rhodes, Hendersonville, NC

"Thank you for the great book!! The only thing I am sorry about is that all our staff members didn’t attend the workshop.”
~ Pam Rector, Hendersonville, NC

"Very engaging speaker. Enjoyed the TC & Marketing presentations & have a lot of great ideas to take back to my doctor & team. Excited to write up my marketing calendar this year! Thank you!”
~ Ashley Buchanan, Charlotte, NC 

"Thank you so much for your time and investment you’ve placed into this workshop. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and my mind is flowing with new ideas to take home and implement in our office.”
~ Angela Conrad, Staunton, VA

"Charlene has great ideas, experience, and sound advice to impact orthodontic practices to excel. Not only did I learn a great deal, the setting in Charlotte was beautiful. I’m excited to get back to the office to share ideas with the doctors and my co-workers so we can expand our results in marketing and patient increase through dentist, patient, and community referrals. Thank you Charlene! Thanks, too, to Jade and Sherree, everything ran smoothly!” ~ Mary Daly, West Redding, PA

"It was great to meet other TC and share ideas, put our heads together to solve some problems. This workshop was invaluable for networking. Thanks.” ~ Sonia Bowie, Greenville, SC

"I really enjoyed the tips I have learned this weekend. I will go back and use these so I can see a change in my patient starts. Sharing the marketing tips was extremely helpful, also, to increase our new patient calls.” ~ Amy Fox, Morganton, NC

"This workshop has been wonderful. It is refreshing to hear other ladies who experience the same stress/struggles that we do in our office. Also, the share time was great to gain new ideas! Thank you for hosting!!!”
~ Audrea Burgin, Morganton, NC

"I enjoyed the time we spend listening to other offices marketing ideas and tips. I have been to several seminars in the past and you always hear about the same top 5 rewards programs or marketing events, this time we heard how different practices put their own spin on specializing the event.”
~ Christine Lunde, Watertown, CT

"Thank you for the marketing ideas. We have a marketing coordinator but some of the ideas passed around are fantastic!” ~ Serena Eddy, Parkersburg, WV

"It was great getting together with other offices to see how things work and run. I will be taking home some great suggestions to step things up.” ~ Erin Rybak, Los Alamitos, CA