Success Story of the Quarter

 Dr. Bickler
My name is Jim Bickler and I have been practicing orthodontics in eastern Oregon for 35 years. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to practice our specialty. About 14 years ago my partner and I sought help in implementing the union of two successful practices. The consultant we chose was Charlene White and I have never regretted that choice!

Charlene helped us redesign our practice from top to bottom. Personnel decisions, scheduling, financials, patient flow, care delivery and marketing were meticulously analyzed, redesigned and the changes implemented over time.

The result was a practice that was extremely successful on all levels. The practice became a very positive experience for patients, staff, and doctors.

Reflecting on my relationship with Charlene White and her expertise, the only regret is that I did not consult with her earlier!

Charlene has been a hugely positive influence in building our practice into the successful, fun to work in, reputable place that it is!


Dr. Jim Bickler
Bickler Orthodontics