Tip of the Week

Charlene’s Tip of the Week:

Reduce Your Repair Visits with OralEnlight and the Ultimate Dry Field System


• Total visibility and illumination for prep  and bond.

• The retraction and Quest suction keep the field dry for bonding success. Unlike other systems, no suction hose crosses the posterior teeth, making molar brackets as easy to place as maxillary central incisors!!

• The NeoDrys and retractor shape give total coverage and control of the parotid duct, eliminating 
posterior "floods."

•  Accurate bracket placement means treatments finish in fewer visits.

• Patients are happier when they get great results in less visits. Happy patients refer friends!

• Stress is reduced and profits will rise. There is much less stress for the doctor and staff  during the initial bonding, and treatments can finish on time!

   Go to the OralEnlight website for more