Dental Team Power Workshop

Dental Team Power:

Creating a Happy Harmonious Team

Charlene will present an entertaining and informative half day seminar to your referring teams. This seminar is designed to educate your referring dental teams on your practice. It will help increase referrals to your office by teaching the dental practices about the benefits of partnering with your practice!

v-perfectSmileHere is a sample of what they will learn:

  • The importance of having a team value system and how to create their own
  • To be aware of the four major circumstances that can cause conflict between team members
  • How different personalities bring something special and unique to the practice
  • The five events that make the dental team most vulnerable to conflict and how to prevent them from affecting team progress
  • How to stop the sub-grouping that breaks down office morale
  • What really keeps a team together and builds longevity in the dental practice
  • Seven specific ways to build team spirit

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Guy"Finding marketing ideas that are not only tasteful but useful to our referring dentists is difficult. We invited about 20 dental offices for a Friday morning seminar from Charlene on staff motivation, interpersonal relationships and how to work as a team. The response was tremendous, with both doctors and staff thanking us for something that they all really needed. I have had requests from other offices to include them the next time we sponsor this seminar. I have no doubt that the information for them was useful, entertaining and something they could take to the office and get to work on Monday morning."

Dr. David Sarver
Birmingham, AL

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