Peak Performance Workshop


2018 Workshop to be announced


Seats are limited so make sure you register early!!

Seminar length: 9am - 4:30pm

This seminar is designed for doctors and their spouses only. It can also be presented to your private study club.

Doctors: $695 | Spouses: $395
Includes a wonderful lunch and a 90 page workbook.

Topics Include:

  • Ten Keys to a "Peak Performance" Practice
    In this thought provoking talk, Charlene will present 10 key factors that she has found to be the common denominators among happy, successful orthodontists. You will learn to create a sense of fulfillment in your career and to take action to make positive changes in your practice.
  • How to Target Areas for Quick Results
    In this session, Charlene will share her expertise regarding how to evaluate each system in the orthodontic practice. Charlene is a master of analyzing the "meaning" of practice statistics. She will help you evaluate where you are and where you need to go with the following systems:
    1. Production versus Collections
    2. Case Acceptance
    3. Overhead Percentages and Analysis
    4. Recall Effectiveness
    5. Appointment Book Control
    6. Clinical Efficiency
  • How to Easily Create a Happy, Motivated and Productive Team
    Your largest percentage of income is spent on your staff. Happy staff members are far more efficient and productive. Learn how to create an atmosphere where you will have less stress, more productivity, higher efficiency, and more accountability. Charlene will address:
    1. Hiring Tips that Work
    2. Staff Meetings that Motivate
    3. Team Empowerment Techniques
    4. Pros and Cons of Incentive Programs
    5. Average Staff Salaries
    6. Reducing Costly Turnover
    7. Creating an Accountability System
    8. Reducing Inter-Office Conflict and Stress
  • How to Increase Your New Patient Numbers by 10% or More
    The key to increasing your personal income is through your new patient system. Charlene is a specialist in this area and shares with you tips on:
    1. How to Set Up a Fail Proof Marketing Plan
    2. How Much to Spend on a Marketing Budget
    3. How to Increase Referrals Immediately
    4. How to Convert More New Patients to Starts
    5. How Image Affects Your Strategy
    6. Twenty-Seven Must Do's for Your Marketing Checklist

Benefits you can expect from attending this powerful workshop:

  • Greater Profits - We will pinpoint areas of potential improvement regarding overhead controls.
  • A Clear-Cut Marketing Plan - This seminar will teach you proven strategies that will give you the highest possible return on your marketing budget.
  • An Improvement in Staff Production - You will learn how to motivate your staff to take action and get high quality results.
  • Increased Case Acceptance - Charlene has successfully trained hundreds of doctors to turn new patient exams into starts. When looking at the bottom line, a 5% increase in this area makes a big difference.
  • Heightened Leadership Skills to Empower Your Team - Charlene has worked with thousands of staff members over the years. Let her take the guesswork out of the staff management for you.

What orthodontists are saying about this seminar:

Dr. Chris Pine Ortho Team

"The course content and take-home workbook contained current and useful information that I can use, immediately. The format of the meeting allowed for wonderful sharing of information between the attendees and Charlene. I would recommend the meeting to anyone looking to improve their office efficiency and quality of work life." - Dr. Chris Pine


Specifically designed for the doctor or the top-notch office manager. This is an incredibly low-cost alternative to an in-office consultation.

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