Charlene’s clients rave about this program. The program has proven to be beneficial in terms of production and efficiency. It reduces the stress level for the doctor, knowing that Charlene is overseeing the systems and proactively addressing the issues. She also brings a national perspective to the plate. Whether it is a project or a problem, Charlene helps the doctor and the team to take action that gets results.


    “'Do I Need an Office Manager?' was one of my most popular articles.  Orthodontists have more clinical homework than ever before. The team needs to be led, managed and held accountable for it to be a win/win."


The Area of focus will be determined after Charlene speaks with the doctor.

Example Areas:

  • Case Acceptance
  • Appointment book control
  • patient flow system
  • marketing plan
  • New patient process
  • Overhead Control
  • intra-office communication
  • staff morale
  • h.r. systems
  • recall system