Prior to founding her consulting firm, Progressive Concepts, Inc., Charlene worked as a registered dental hygienist and office administrator. Charlene's long-term reputation as a management expert has soared aided by overwhelmingly positive results reported by her clients.  Her goal-oriented consultations are individually tailored to empower the team and guide the practice toward greater productivity and heightened personal satisfaction.

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Charlene has written and published many articles during her professional career, providing valuable information and assistance to the readers.

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In addition to her busy consulting schedule, Charlene finds time to host training workshops and speak at annual meetings.

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    "Only 30% of orthodontists ever hire a practice management consultant. It’s proven that those 30% are significantly more profitable. I am a firm believer that when I work with a practice and evaluate their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), I discover how I can help them succeed."

    I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia by my parents John and Dorothy Nobles. They were honest, hardworking people from a very small town in North Carolina.  Dad was strict and very responsible.  Mom was a devout Southern Baptist.  Her dream was for me to graduate from college.  I was the first family member on either side to reach that goal.

    My working career began with Dr. Bill Tuggle in Norfolk, Virginia.  I spent five years working with him as his office manager.  He was a mentor and friend.  I attended my first “practice management” seminar in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the 1980s.  I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do. 

    My career as a consultant began as a result of me sending my newsletter to 4,000 orthodontists a quarter. I now conduct in-office consultations and off-site consultations, helping orthodontists and team members reach their goals. I have been blessed to work in the orthodontic specialty.  It’s been so rewarding to work with outstanding doctors, spouses and teams.  My passion is to see them succeed.

    On a personal note, I’ve been married to my husband, Dennis, for 21 years.  He is my “grounder.”  We love to spend the weekends at home relaxing.  We love to garden, watch birds and listen to music.  Dennis is an exceptional cook.  Our friends love to come for dinner.  Movies, novels, travel, and some golf are also pastimes.  I focus on “making every day precious.”  Life is too short to do otherwise.

Extracurricular Interests and Activities

  • I love to golf.  My handicap fluctuates from 12 – 16.
  • Traveling:  When Dennis and I travel, we enjoy visiting art and home museums.
  • I love art and collecting art.
  • I enjoy watching football and golf events.  I am a “Redskins” fan.
  • I am an avid “student” of business and human behavior.