Basic Training 101: "Basic Skills Training Course for Clinical Assistants" (audio only)


A 40-day training program for the new orthodontic clinical assistant designed not only for the trainee, but also for the trainer and the doctor as well!

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  • In as few as three days after the orientation and training begins, the trainee will be sterilizing instruments, pulling charts, etc.
  • By day nine, if the trainee has tested well, they are inserting separators, changing Alastics ™, removing and replacing elastic chains, and removing archwires.
  • By day thirteen, the trainee is operating a chair and has progressed to inserting, tying-in and clipping archwires.
  • By day eighteen, the new assistant is also taking diagnostic records.
  • As early as day twenty-one, the new assistant will be bonding and banding patients with supervision and assisting the doctor with delivery of various removable and fixed appliances.
  • If testing well, the new assistant will be removing braces and delivering retainers as soon as day thirty-six.