Dollars & Sense: Financial Coordinator Training Course (audio only)


The JCO Journal said that through this course Charlene “offers practical advice on converting shoppers into enthusiastic patients”.

File Information: 12 files, 120MB
This product is downloaded via the web.


They also said that Charlene “presents ways to automate the collection system so that it becomes an engine of growth instead of a hit-or-miss affair.”

Learn To:

  • Utilize Charlene’s Patient Rating System
  • Keep Overdue Accounts to 2% or Less
  • Have $0 Over 90 Days Past Due
  • Increase Case Acceptance Through Third Party Financing
  • Collect 98% Right on Schedule
  • Increase Patient Referrals by 10%
  • Develop Improved Written and Verbal Communication Skills Regarding Collections
  • Maximize the Financial Coordinator’s Time
  • Positively Grow Your Revenues
  • Learn the Best Techniques to Keep 95% of Your Insurance Accounts Paid on Time