Scheduling for Success (audio only)


Learn to Reduce Patient Days & Increase Production, Create an Extremely Efficient Schedule, Take communication Skills to a New Level and More!

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Learn to:

  • Reduce Patient Days & Increase Production
  • Create an Extremely Efficient Schedule
  • Take communication Skills to a New Level
  • Eliminate Front-to-Back Conflict
  • Reduce No Shows to 7% or Less
  • Eliminate 95% of your "Will Call Backs"
  • Set Up a Fail Proof Recall System
  • Win New Patients Over the Phone
  • Get Organized and Prioritized
  • Pinpointing Inefficiency in the Clinic - Determining Band & Bond Failures, Treatment Overruns, Collections Per Visit
  • Average Total Chair Times for Various Procedures
  • Over 30 Pages of Scripting for the Front Desk
  • Streamlining Your Rentention Recall Process
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Check Lists for the Appointment Coordinator
  • Over 20 Pages of Samples/Forms/References