The Grapevine: Intra-office Communication Training for the Orthodontic Team (video only)


Intra-office communication is one of the biggest challenges for most orthodontic teams.

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Not having good systems in place for communicating within your practice leads to dissatisfied staff, office conflict, and a breakdown in team morale. Worst of all, poor communication opens the door for that dreaded “grapevine” communication that is so damaging to your team’s success.

This Course Contains . . .
A one hour and 30 minute video covering:

  • How to improve intra-office communication skills through the use of such items as:
  1. A staff communication coordinator
  2. An office calendar
  3. The staff empowerment calendar
  4. Staff memos
  5. Idea Boards
  • Charlene goes into great detail of how to coordinate your meetings:
  1. Morning huddles
  2. End of day huddles
  3. Staff meetings
  4. Staff retreats
  5. Continuing education trips
  6. On-going training sessions
  • Charlene also tells you how to handle intra-office conflict.