Inventory Manager


Charlene has a proven record for helping get orthodontic teams' supply costs under control. A reduction of 3-5% in supply costs can add as much as $50,000 per year to the doctor's income.


Benefits of the Inventory Manager System:

  • You can reduce your supply costs, which in turn increases the profits of the practice.
  • Keeps your supply flow more running out of products or being overstocked.
  • Teaches the orthodontic team to reduce supply waste.
  • Empowers your inventory coordinator to negotiate and get the best prices.
  • Supplies you with a formula to assist in calculating your annual budgets in the areas of clinical, lab and business supplies.
  • Gives you the best scenarios for supply storage, and alternatives if appropriate space is not available.
  • Keeps the doctor informed throughout the year of the status of the inventory supply budget.

This product is downloaded via the web.