Smart Talk: "Training for the Clinical Team Concentrating on Communication and Clinical Systems"


Take your clinical team's communication skills to a new level and polish your clinical business systems to perfection.

  •     Improve your clinical team's communication with the patient, the parent, the doctor, and the team.
  •     Increase your patient referrals directly through the clinic.
  •     Reduce the stress level in the clinic.
  •     Improve your patient flow system.
  •     Organize your non-patient day schedule.

This course contains...

DVD #1: In this DVD, Charlene covers improving communication skills for the clinical assistant with the patient and parent through a series of role-plays. She then discusses other important areas of communication for the clinical team such as with the lab, the appointment coordinator, the doctor, and with each other. This video series will definitely take your clinical team’s communication skills to the next level.

DVD #2: In this DVD Charlene discusses major systems that have an effect on the clinical team on a daily basis. She covers the three most popular patient flow systems in orthodontics today (i.e. next patient up, single column, and patient manager). She also covers patient flow challenges, such as late patients, adding on procedures at the appointment, not having enough chairs to accommodate patient flow, etc. She then discusses various reasons the clinical team feels too busy. Non-patient day duties, extra daily duties, reducing emergencies, charting, and the concepts of clinical coordinator and records coordinator are also covered.

Workbook: A 100+ page workbook that supplies back-up materials for all of the topics that Charlene covers in the two DVDs. You’ll love all the checklists and scripting!


This product is downloaded via the web.