Scheduling from the Team Approach


A 1-hour DVD seminar that takes an interesting and in-depth look at how orthodontic practices can create a schedule that works for the doctor, the clinical team, and the business staff. This product was designed for the entire team to watch together.


Charlene Discusses Solutions to Scheduling Conflicts:

  • Setting the Stage in the New Patient Process
  • Utilizing the Position of Records Coordinator
  • Options for Handling Late Patients
  • Handling Repair Appointments
  • Handling Add-on Procedures at the Appointment
  • Scheduling School-Age Patients
  • Working an Effective Recall System
  • Utilizing the Deband Form to Perfect Your Treatment
  • Handling Recalls and Active Patient No-Shows
  • Eliminating Time Consumers for the Doctor
  • Understanding Each Other's Stress
  • Forecasting the Schedule

Charlene Gives the Team Tips on Creating a Schedule Template from the Team Approach:

  • First, we help you evaluate your current schedule.
  • Next, we help you determine what you would like for your schedule to look like.
  • Then, we help you be more analytical and scientific in organizing your template.

This product is downloaded via the web.