New Patient Coordinator (NPC) Workbook


Easy, convenient and practical for busy offices, Charlene’s Webinars offer a condensed, action packed version of the New Patient Coordinator seminar online.

  • Increase your case acceptance by turning exams into starts, even in tough times.
  • Learn the 12 reasons why patients choose your office.
  • Manage your office scheduling to increase your practice profits.
  • Learn real-world scripting techniques that are pervasive, not pushy.
  • Set up a fail-proof pending system.
  • Learn the power of the “take ten” check-in.
  • Fabulous form sharing with other attendees.
  • The role of an outstanding New Patient Coordinator.
  • Avoiding the 9 biggest mistakes coordinators make.
  • Creating persuasive presentations that lead to “yes”.
  • 15 key times to kick it up a notch.
  • Internet positioning – ways to the top.
  • The power of the first impression.
  • Promoting your practice on the first call.
  • Creating an exceptional one-step process.
  • Learn the major secrets to enhancing the doctors exam.
  • Successfully overcoming the top 3 objections.
  • Presenting win/win financial options that can result in 25-30% increase in starts.
  • Scheduling new patients efficiently for the entire team.
  • Learn how to track and analyze your statistics.
  • Inputting a fail-proof recall and pending system.
  • Brand new ways to combat “I’ve got to talk to my husband” and “I want a second opinion".

This product is downloaded via the web.