Winning the Race to Success (Peak Performance Course)


Specifically designed for the doctor or the top-notch office manager. This is an incredibly low-cost alternative to an in-office consultation.



  • Tips to Increase Your Collections Per Visit by 100% Your Practice
  • Solutions to 5 Major Areas of Inefficiency in theC linic
  • Methods to Reduce Your Schedule to 12 Patient Days a Month While Increasing Your Production
  • 11 Areas to Concentrate on to Empower Your Team to Excellence
  • Pros and Cons of Incentive Programs
  • 6 Specific Areas That Set the Foundation for Excellent Marketing
  • 10 Keys to Making Your Life and Profession a Success

You Will Receive:
1. A Resource Manual - valuable information to complement Charlene’s Tape Series (just a few samples):

  • Sample Practice Statistics from Anonymous Offices
  • Overhead Analysis Comparisons
  • Sample Salary Survey
  • Marketing Self-Analysis
  • Staff Morale Questionnaire
  • Image Check List
  • Staff Meeting Tips
  • Team Value Form
  • Much, Much More!

2. A DVD Series recorded by Charlene White specifically for Orthodontists to help you get your practice in order today!


This product is downloaded via the web.