Customer Service with a Smile


There is a lot more to creating beautiful "smiles" in the orthodontic office than just the treatment. Learn to create an outstanding customer service atmosphere in your practice that leaves your patients and parents with a smile and a glowing reference for your office!


This product is downloaded via the web.

Video #1: A private 12- minute video for the orthodontist in which Charlene discusses how providing excellent customer service to your patients begins by providing excellent customer service to your staff.

Video #2: This 1-hour video is intended to be viewed by the entire team and the doctor. Charlene covers all the areas that she finds so important in building a strong foundation for excellent customer service in your practice. Here is a listing of some of the topics she covers:

  •  How to Improve Listening Skills
  • Proper Office Attire
  • Proper Topics of Conversation With and In Front of Your Patients
  • How to Handle Angry Customers
  • Telephone Etiquette and Policies
  • How to Handle Customer Complaints
  • Your Office Image
  • Additional Customer Service Tips and Advice

Written Materials: Along with back-up materials for all the subjects she discusses in her videos, Charlene also provides a wonderful section of customer service games and exercises for your team to use long after you have finished this video seminar.