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Customized Virtual Webinars Available

Call Charlene to discuss details. 


Look what attendees are saying...

"Great experience! Lots of great tips, lots of good information. Love hearing everyone's opinions." 

"Very detailed and informative! I look forward to implementing a lot of new ideas in our office!"

"We learned lots of pearls that we can't wait to impliment."

"We had a great day and came away with some great things to bring back on Monday!"

"Fantastic seminar with lots of useful information and great ideas that I'm excited to bring back and share with my office!"


  • Registration is $795 for the first person and $695 for each additional participant.

  • The seminar will be 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

  • Registration will include lunch.

  • All participants will receive a registration planning package which will include the list of hotels in close proximity to the venue.

  • All participants will receive a workbook at the workshop.

  • For additional information, feel free to call Charlene at (757) 456-0555 or email her.




A list of hotels close to the workshop venue will be provided.



  • Learn the #1 role of the NPC that results in case acceptance

  • Start promoting your practice on the first call. Let people know, “We love new patients”

  • The power of the “Take 10 Check In” to build excellent rapport

  • How being persuasive versus informative leads to starts

  • Overcome the #1 reason patients do not start treatment in your office

  • Unique ways to communicate with the decision maker who does not come to the exam

  • Major secrets which enhance the doctor’s exam

  • How to create financial arrangements that lead to case acceptance

  • Make copayment insurance work for you — not against you

  • Set up a recall system that will result in an 85% rate effectiveness

  • Make pending calls that get results

  • Overcome key objectives you commonly hear such as, “I need to talk to my husband.”

  • Learn one key phrase that results in leading your patient to “yes.”

  • Learn lots of “Scripting” tips that get results

  • Pre-Recorded webinar available — see our website for details

  • Target key areas that need focus by completing Charlene’s “Self Analysis” questionnaire and marketing preparation forms

  • Create a powerful marketing plan that encompasses patients, parents, referring teams, schools, community, and your team.

  • Set a budget and calculate return on investment. Make your dollars work for you

  • Take home specific marketing tips that you can implement right away

  • Interact with Charlene and other attendees to gain additional proven strategies

NPC Workbook cover image